PSA Smash Up

In the world of traffic safety, the Public Service Announcement (PSA) has become a go-to method for trying to improve driving behavior. Impaired driving, speeding, seat belts, texting, speaking up, courtesy, pedestrians; if it’s related to driving safe, there’s a PSA for it. Some of these PSAs are excellent; a few of them are stinkers.  Some are heartwarming; some are brutally graphic. Every week a new PSA will show up here, along with a bit of commentary. You’re welcome to add your input too. Was it great? Terrible? Does it make you want to be a better driver? Because no matter how good or bad the production value, if it causes drivers to make positive changes, the PSA is a success.


  • Bloody Idiots – PSA Campaign - This PSA comes from Australia, where they tend not to hold back on tragedy in their messaging. It’s part of the Bloody Idiot campaign from a few years ago, and is more tame than some of the others in the campaign… Continue Reading
  • You Won’t Get A DUI For Being High On Life - It’s the holiday season, and in the world of traffic safety that coincides with extra emphasis patrols for impaired drivers. DUI patrols are happening all across the state, so I thought I’d share one of the PSAs that we’re using… Continue Reading
  • Local Attorney Creates Impaired Driving Radio Spot -   Ziad Youssef at is a local attorney who focuses, as you may have guessed from his website name, on traffic law. He’s also the attorney that connected me with Rochelle, the first person featured in the Real Driving… Continue Reading
  • Real Driving Stories – Rochelle - Every year during the holidays we launch our impaired driving emphasis patrols and remind everyone of the dangers of impaired driving. Rather than hearing it from me, I thought it would be better to let someone who has experienced a… Continue Reading
  • Bloody Legend - It might take a few views to understand the accent in this PSA from New Zealand. Kind of like how it takes the first few minutes of a Shakespeare play to get a handle on the old English. Or trying to follow… Continue Reading
  • A Distracted Driving PSA With No Cars and No Phones – And It’s Incredible - The first time I watched this PSA, I was a guest in a classroom of high school students. Part way through the video, I could feel the tone of the entire classroom shift. You’ll feel it too. By the end… Continue Reading
  • Bear Has a Not Good Night - This is a story of a bear that makes a not good decision, and ends up having a very not good night. This August, Washington law enforcement officers will join the national Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign aimed… Continue Reading
  • How To Get A Distracted Driving Ticket - Here’s the latest from the studios at TheWiseDrive. Law enforcement agencies across Washington recently participated in a distracted driving emphasis patrol. Watch the video and find out how easy it is to get a ticket for distracted driving.
  • Hello – I’d Try This -   Last week’s distracted driving PSA ended tragically. This one; not so much. A friend in traffic safety passed it along (thanks Shelly) and I loved it, so here’s “Hello”. This PSA comes from New Zealand, but the message is… Continue Reading
  • If You’re Texting, You’re Not Driving - Since today kicks off the distracted driving emphasis patrols across Washington, I thought this would be a good day for a distracted driving PSA. While there is some debate over the effectiveness of graphic PSAs, I think this one does a… Continue Reading