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If you can’t get enough of data, spreadsheets and technology you’re in the right place.  On this page, you’ll find resources for traffic data.  The first link in the list connects you to a page stocked with all the posts about data, technology and the future of driving.


Pedestrian Graph SmallTraffic Nerd Blog Posts: This is a collection of posts from this site that all relate to data, stats, technology and the future of driving.


WTSC Logo with textThe WTSC has a great Research and Data division. You’ll find extensive traffic crash data and other resources. In particular, check out the quarterly data page, where you can see, county by county, what kinds of crashes contribute to fatalities and serious injuries. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can even request more data. The WTSC also has links to many other traffic safety data sites.


The WSDOT Crash Data Portal is a great tool for searching for crashes by influencing factors. Distracted driving? DUI? Pedestrians? Cyclists? This site will give you the data, put it in a chart, and stick it on a map for you. Very cool.

What to really get granular on your crash data search? Take a look at the Washington State Patrol Collision Analysis Tool. Search by date, location, vehicle type, driver demographic, contributing factors and more. Easy to use, considering the level of detail it provides.



For national crash data, NHTSA is the place to go. And if you like to query databases and download raw data for fun, the FARS Encyclopedia is your kind of place.




Have you ever wanted to see what your car looks like after a crash test? You can search IIHS by make, model and year to see how your car rates. This site also has lots of other traffic safety data organized by topic.


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If you recently bought a new car, or are considering buying one, you have to take a look at This site covers all the new safety technology getting built into cars today and explains how it works. It’s helpful and a bit futuristic.