Local Attorney Creates Impaired Driving Radio Spot


Ziad Youssef at MyTrafficMan.net is a local attorney who focuses, as you may have guessed from his website name, on traffic law. He’s also the attorney that connected me with Rochelle, the first person featured in the Real Driving Stories series. Ziad has put out a radio spot for the holidays, and his message of keeping your holiday season great by not getting a DUI is right on, so I’m sharing it here:

I know this section of the website is for PSAs, and this straddles the line between PSA and commercial, so I’m counting it. I appreciate when local businesses spread safe driving messages. Which brings me to my next point: If you’re a local business and you have a radio or TV spot or a print add for your business that encourages people to drive safe, I’ll gladly feature it here at TheWiseDrive. We can all work together for safe driving in our community.


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